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Dan Fogelberg

Amarilloan, Joe Ed Coffman, had been a long-time fan of Dan Fogelberg and his music, so the news of Fogelberg’s death in 2007 due to prostate cancer was a hard blow. Fogelberg had been a strong influence on Joe Ed’s own music throughout the years. He wanted to do something special for his mentor.


That desire led to the creation of the Friends of Fogelberg tribute concert to honor Dan Fogelberg. But, not just any concert! Joe Ed decided to create a fundraiser to benefit the cause of prostate cancer that took the life of this talented singer songwriter.

The concert was a labor of love for all involved. Joe Ed gathered exceptional musicians from the Amarillo area, which generously donated their time and talent. The stage and program were quickly filled to capacity.

The goals of this concert were: 1) To celebrate the life and music of Dan Fogelberg, 2) To create awareness and education about prostate cancer, 3) To raise funds for the fight against prostate cancer and 4) Last, but not least, to have a great time!

That first concert was a beautiful celebration of Fogelberg’s music, filled with amazing performances by all of the musicians involved. The generosity of individuals and businesses needed to make the concert possible was outstanding.

Since then, three more very successful concerts were staged in 2010, 2012 and 2013. The professionalism and performance of the musicians that filled the stage for each performance made for a magical evening! Joe Ed decided after 2012 that the Friends of Fogelberg Concert will be an annual event.

Thanks and kudos to everyone involved for the hard work and dedication to the cause, but especially to Joe Ed Coffman for bringing his vision to fruition.

Funds raised by Friends of Fogelberg benefit the Harrington Cancer Foundation in Amarillo, Texas, to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to sponsor prostate cancer screenings to area men. 


The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a great model for Friends of Fogelberg. They have done wonderful work at Komen. They “Think Pink!”

At Friends of Fogelberg,

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