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tribute concerts

Our Show was dedicated to

Dr. Richard Kibbey

Friends of Fogelberg VI   2015 Amarillo

Dan & Mo' Beatles 

Featuring 4 Prostate Cancer Surviors - Host - Dr. Richard Kibbey, Tony Naples, Buddy Squyres, Robert Workman.


Friends of Fogelberg Amarillo continued the Beatles Love with another year of hits! Dr. Richard Kibbey showed his stage presence by singing several Neil Diamond songs with the audience enjoying every minute. 

We continued performing the Dan Fogelberg hits, giving tribute to the man that gave us a reason to have these concerts - to defeat prostate cancer. 

The plan was simple –

Do in Lubbock What We’ve Done in Amarillo!


Long time Lubbock musician, Junior Vasquez, will be directing and performing in the show as well as some of Lubbock’s finest musicians - presenting an evening of Dan Fogelberg’s music, celebrating the life of this timeless singer-songwriter, at the same time – fighting this deadly man’s disease.


The concert was September 18th in the Lubbock Civic Center Auditorium. Funds raised will benefit the Covenant Foundation to continue the fight against prostate cancer.


Friends of Fogelberg is a volunteer organization, meaning no one in our group is being paid. We’ve begun a great grass-roots movement we believe can make a real impact on the health of men – not only in Amarillo and Lubbock, but across the nation! Think Blue Too!

Friends of Fogelberg   2014  Lubbock


Friends of Fogelberg V - The Survivor's Show


Featuring 4 Prostate Cancer Surviors - Host - Dr. Richard Kibbey, Tony Naples, Buddy Squyres, Robert Workman.


Our Show was dedicated in the memory of Perry Willis.


 As the 2014 Celebration continues of the Fab Four Changing America 50 Years Ago - Friends of Fogelberg Amarillo announces - the September 4th 2014 Concert was our "Tribute to The Beatles" featuring a stage full of talent performing. 


And of course - continuing the Tribute - featuring some of Dan Fogelberg Hits! It was a magical night to remember!

Friends of Fogelberg V   2014  Amarillo

Peter Willis


Friends of Fogelberg IV “The Acoustic Show”  
dedicated in memory of Dr. Gerald H. Holman.

Thursday, September 5th, 2013 
Globe News Center for the Performing Arts
Amarillo Texas


Thank you ALL once again for helping Friends of Fogelberg and the Don and Sybil Harrington Cancer Center to “Continue Dan’s Quest” to defeat prostate cancer. And as always – Hats off to the Ladies! We“Think Pink!” AND – We just want to remind you to “Think Blue Too!”

Dr. Gerald Holman

Friends of Fogelberg IV   2013  Amarillo


Friends of Fogelberg IIl   2012  Amarillo

Joe Ed Coffman was 49 in 2007, the year Dan Fogelberg, one of his musical inspirations, died of prostate cancer. Coffman was entering the prime age that prostate cancer strikes. He knew a lot about Fogelberg’s music, but not so much about what ended his life at age 56.

“I didn’t even know what a prostate was,” Coffman said. “I never even heard of it. I didn’t know. I think a lot of men are just ignorant to it.”

Since then, Coffman has carried the torch locally for prostate cancer awareness and fundraising. He started Friends of Fogelberg, a grassroots movement that legally became a second-party fundraiser.

Its primary event is a benefit concert where, beginning in 2008, local musicians came together every other year for a message and music. The last two concerts, including one in July, helped raise nearly $30,000 apiece for the Don & Sybil Harrington Cancer Center for screenings for indigent and uninsured men.


Friends of Fogelberg II   2010  Amarillo

Joe Ed Coffman was influenced by Dan’s music and wanted to do something in his honor; and so the Friends of Fogelberg was formed. The first tribute concert was 2008, and last night brought together 20 local musicians to the stage for the 2010 Dan Fogelberg Tribute in memory of Jim Holston. On June 18, 2009, eight months after the 2008 concert, Jim died of prostate cancer at age 65.

The crowds were excited and responsive, and the band played on with a well organized set of Dan Fogelberg songs. With 20 musicians on the stage, they traded off harmonies, spotlights, and lead guitar solos to a crowd that ate it up. This concert brought so much talent to the stage as volunteers, giving of their time and love of Dan Fogelberg, it showed in their presence.

Dr. Richard Kibbey, Holston’s urologist and himself a prostate cancer survivor, hosted the 2010 event. He spoke of the research and progression of testing prostate cancer, and how important it is to see your doctor. Dr. Kibbey also joined in on the microphone and sang with the gang to a rousing applause.

Jim Holston


Friends of Fogelberg 2008  Amarillo

“Friends of Fogelberg” first concert was at the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts in October 2008, Jim Holston was the master of ceremonies.

He came on stage and asked the audience if he looked like a hospice patient, if he looked like a dying man. Hardly, but he was.

On June 18, 2009, eight months after that concert, he died of prostate cancer at age 65.


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