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Dan Fogelberg passed away from prostate cancer 10 years ago, December 16th, 2007. We will miss him dearly. We are blessed to have his music to live on, sharing his talent with the world.


It was December 17th, 2007 when Joe Ed Coffman (in pain of losing his favorite singer/songwriter to cancer) started calling musicians - Bob Hopkins and Woody Key - about putting together a concert benefit to play Dan's music, and raise money for prostate cancer awareness.


Their first tribute concert was 2008 at the Amarillo Globe News Center, Texas. The concerts and dream continues raising over $300,000 in 10 years, and hosting Free PSA Blood Test to men in the Amarillo Panhandle. This allows men to be flagged - early detection for prostate cancer can save men's lives.


Thank you to all those who have kept Dan's music alive, and help in continuing his quest - "to defeat prostate cancer."



Who is . . .

Norbert Putman ?


Friends of Fogelberg   2008-2018

Friends of Fogelberg IX

"The Surprise Concerts"

Thurs, Sept. 6  |  Fri, Sept. 7

Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts

Guest Norbert Putnam

Funds benefiting the

Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation and Heal the City


Special Guest: Norbert Putnam


Woody Key  F of F IX
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Randy Tupin  F of F IX
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Chuck Alexander F of F IX
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Vic Richardson F of F IX
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Bob Hopkins F of F XI
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Charlie Clinton F of F IX
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Maggie Scales
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Drexel Ammons
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Cat, Jackie, Bob F of F IX
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Woody Key

Jackie Anderson

Bob Flesher

Drexel Ammons

Insufficient Funds

Chuck Alexander

Mary Lynn Halley

Vic Richardson

Dean Yates

Irma Esther Borup

Carlos Casso

Charlie Clinton

Joe Ed Coffman

James Davis

Maddison Jackson

Mike Fuller

Gary Guinn

Bob Hopkins

Richard Kibbey, MD (Host)

Tony Naples

Maggie Scales

John Shanks

Buddy Squyres

Russell Steadman

Russ Teweleit

Bond Jessup Thompson

Randy Tupin

Cathleen Tyson

Robert Workman


Group Photos 2018

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